I am really impressed with the variety of healthy food on offer”- AS Simonstone


There is a wide choice of activities available and these change on a daily basis.  Staff are friendly and welcoming.  The activities are well thought out/planned for the different ages of children who attend.  The children are very happy.”  G.I.W Sabden


You are doing a super job and should be very proud of the service you deliver.  I can’t help but compare _______’s experience (and mine) with our previous experience of after school care and you compare very positively.  I have notice that ___________’s confidence has grown sine being with you.”  J.W Simonstone


We appreciate the ‘ad hoc’ arrangement which suits my childcare needs at present.  Your staff are friendly and approachable and have a caring attitude towards the children.

As an older child, ________ has mentioned that she is not treated ‘as a baby’ and is given a little more freedom than she has been used to in the past.

Keep up the good work!”  L.C Read


The staff always welcome the children at club and keep me well informed.  I have found the care flexible which is important for working mums e.g. picking up ________ an hour later from school so that he can attend a club.”  G.I.W Sabden


Breakfast club provides an essential service for working parents.  The staff are very accommodating and are able to take care of _______ on alternative days if the need arises.  My son talks very highly of all the staff and looks forward to attending.

The children appear to be very well looked after whilst in your care and there are stimulating activities available for each child.

The monthly newsletters keep us well informed of any changes to normal routine and it is nice to see that children’s birthdays are recognised.

Thank you to all staff!”  J.R Simonstone


"I'd also like to commend you and your team on the exemplary service you provide.  _______ and ________ have never been happier :-)" S.L.S Burnley


"The lovely environment is safe and secure, with pleasing resources available to children providing an inclusive setting." Ofsted


"The Out Of School Experience provides "outstanding" (OFSTED) care, outside school hours at various sites across East Lancashire including Blackburn, Padiham, Simonstone, Osbaldeston and Colne.  Our aim is to support each child's development outside school through play and structured activities encouraging independence, cooperation with others and a sense of self-worth."

 "The environment is bright, warm, welcoming and child-centred. Children thoroughly enjoy playing with construction toys, small world toys, jigsaws, board games and art and craft activities. Outdoor play features daily and children use the outdoor grounds to access fresh air and develop their physical skills. Children lead their own games and play independently or in small groups according to their own choice. Staff are enthusiastic and readily available to support and encourage the children and show them what to do at the various activities. Children are exceptionally confident and comfortable as they approach staff and are familiar with the routines and rhythms of the session. Children in the early years age range have a learning journey which is completed by the key worker." - Ofsted 


see http://www.ofsted.gov.uk/inspection-reports/find-inspection-report/provider/CARE/EY442211


Ofsted  "Overall the quality of the provision is outstanding.

Practitioners promote children's learning with outstanding success as they move freely in a rich and stimulating, child-orientated environment. The setting's highly effective planning supports children in their learning given their age, capabilities and starting points. Partnership with parents, families, other settings and agencies are highly successful in promoting children's care and learning. Exceptional organisation of the policies and procedures support the safe and efficient management of the setting. The outstanding quality improvement processes, such as the regular evaluation of the service, mean positive improvements are made to children's care, learning and experiences."




Ofsted  - "The arrangements for safeguarding are outstanding as practitioners have an excellent understanding of protecting children. They are clear in their responsibilities, with supporting documents being very comprehensive and outlining the procedures they would follow should they have a concern. Recruitment, vetting and induction procedures are extremely robust and contribute significantly to keeping children safe. The wealth of knowledge of the provider ensures the comprehensive policies and procedures are highly organised to ensure the overall safe management of the setting. The arrangements for maintaining a secure and safe environment include meaningful risk assessments, secure outdoor areas, and a daily checklist."


 "Children are extremely well cared for in a warm, welcoming, child-centred environment. There are highly effective systems in place to ensure children receive an enjoyable learning experience. Staff fully support children's development through the provision of exciting activities that are child-led according to children's own preferences and interests. There are outstanding partnerships established with parents and excellent links with other providers to promote continuity of children's welfare and learning. The system for the evaluation of the quality of the provision is highly effective and continues to target future plans to secure improvements." - Ofsted 



"...... Practitioners have excellent relationships with children and support them in making progress as they interact and guide them in their learning. Children benefit from practitioners who are able to add both humour and fun into making learning enjoyable for all. Through the continuous play provision, children actively make decisions as they readily access a wide range of activities and experiences. For example, art, model making, computers, role play and small world play are available..... Children delight in playing in the sand as they enjoying building and moving it to other areas of the tray, using and developing their coordination and physical skills. They work together and socialise as they decide the roles each of them will take ...they are engaged, introduce humour and enjoy each other's company in their play..... their confidence and self-esteem are promoted. Children behave well and are praised to further promote their good behaviour. Children's understanding of the world is enhanced through learning about different cultures, learning to sign and taking part in celebrating festivals. They take part in topics and daily opportunities to learn about healthy lifestyles as they plan and help to prepare their own snacks. At snack time they enjoy fresh fruit and milk or water to drink....They enthusiastically play outdoors as they develop their physical well-being. .... Overall, children play and learn in environment that develops excellent attitudes to learning. " - Ofsted  


Ofsted - "Children are cared for in a very welcoming, child-centred provision where their individual contributions are highly valued and where they are making really good progress in their learning and development. Excellent organisational systems ensure that all policies and procedures to promote children's welfare are effectively implemented and facilitate the safe and efficient management of the provision. Partnerships with parents are used very effectively in planning, both to meet individual children's needs and to continually drive the provision forward. Mostly successful partnership working with the host school and others provides continuity for children. Self-evaluation is very well informed and staff's outstanding enthusiasm to develop new ways of working, results in a setting with an excellent capacity for continual improvement."


Ofsted - "Very well-organised resources support children's achievement and their enjoyment. The hall is set out prior to children's arrival, with other resources accessible for children's self-selection. As a result, children enter to a vibrant and inviting play space. Every child is welcomed into the setting. Their individual needs are identified and met because staff gather a wealth of information from parents at the start of the placement. Parents are provided with superb information about their child and what the provision is doing to promote their child's progress. The setting also works extremely well with parents by including them in the continual evaluation of the setting and its provision. The club is developing strong links with the school it serves. Communication with teaching staff has been quickly established to ensure there is continuity between school and club. This ensures that children are well cared for, messages are triangulated and some priorities for individual children's learning are beginning to be shared."