Building a Community Where Children Come First.


The Out of School Experience is somewhere where children and young people experience life that is interesting and fulfilling. We encourage personal growth and a deep understanding of each other and a greater ability to be involved in community life. We promote experiences that increase their self-confidence and enable them to pursue their different interests and ambitions. Also experience’s that strengthen their learning and opens their hearts and minds to the diverse needs of themselves and others.


We ensure that we provide an enjoyable, stimulating and safe environment by:


Delivering a wide and adventurous range of activities that we know and trust our children have the ability to excel in.


Showing all the children that they can make a difference and that their contribution counts.


Encouraging learning that provides physical fitness and health and co-operation and team work.


Providing the best possible advice, support and encouragement that we can.


Including all our staff and children in our vision, the potential for success is strong and we are able to provide a ladder of opportunity for all groups of the community.